HVAC & Allied Services

HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) is a large part of the energy consumption of the Building system and needs intelligent and effective planning. This is provided by Dhruva’s team of associates, by offering state of the art designs for HVAC systems across application platforms. The designs are provided for Green certification, if the building is aligning with green norms, or for regular energy efficient design requirements, as mandated by the clients.

The HVAC systems are designed with alignment to the latest international standards of Indoor air quality requirements and also of Equipment energy efficiency benchmarks mandated by both International and Local Bodies.

The HVAC designs are synchronized with the electrical and other services, so that interdependency of the services is positioned and offered, to the clients, for a seamless experience of execution.

All HVAC systems designed, offer complete integration with Building automation systems, which is today an integral part of most modern projects .

We offer world-class support and service for industrial HVAC systems. We service industrial HVAC systems to cut costly downtime and extend the life of your system. Continued regular service reduces energy costs and improves facility value. Regular service also ensures that you get the longest operational lifetime from your equipment.

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