Our electrical engineers bring a depth of expertise to complex electrical challenges for building infrastructure and energy systems. We seek to provide practical and economical solutions to building electrical systems encompassing all aspects of power planning, electrical distribution, on site power generation, UPS systems, lighting, and low voltage systems. It helps in planning, design and distribution of power layout. It promises uninterruptable power supply with accurate load calculations and distribution.

We bring optimization and value-add to any project we under take. The speciality in our designs is that we believe that domestic engineering should be discreet in the background. Therefore, we optimise our space requirements for technical units, circuits and accessibility in the interest of architecture. This makes planning and realisation very demanding and these challenges are more than met, at Dhruva Engineering Consultant.

Our design Bouquet includes designs for....

  • EHV/ HV Substation and Power Distribution Systems. [66/11kV Substations.]
  • Transformer yard, HT rings mains etc.
  • HT and LT Power generation system – DG sets.
  • Lighting & Power distribution systems.
  • Lighting Management System. [LMS]
  • Emergency Power Generation & Distribution Systems.
  • Uninterruptible Power Distribution Systems.
  • Data center Power and earthing solutions.
  • Telephone Distribution Systems.
  • Grounding / Earthing Systems.
  • Lightning Protection System.
  • Cable carrying system design for IT cabling.

Dhruva Engineering Consultants

Dhruva Engineering Consultants


Lighting ambience for lumination. DEC can work within your budget, share your design vision and can offer for lighting indoors. They are certified lighting experts with experience and imagination. They work with you to create a lighting solution that's as affordable as it is beautiful. From initial workup to the design details, to purchasing equipment there is incredible amount of detail with electrical and lighting phase.

Dhruva Engineering Consultants
Dhruva Engineering Consultants
Dhruva Engineering Consultants